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About Us

We are a family run business. We have been helping other people be prepared since 1998. We have recently ventured on-line and are glad you have found us. We hope you find your time here educational and useful to your preparation.

We are always looking to find, and start providing, additional products that help others, and ourselves, be prepared. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you have the things you need for your family, especially in these unsettling times.

Been there, doing that.

We have gone through periods of unemployment when our food storage and financial reserves kept us going. We have lived through emergencies and disasters.

We believe in redundancy so that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. This is one reason that we have our food storage in multiple types of containers. Most of our storage is in buckets because we buy in large quantities and find it easy to stack. We also have other containers like #10 cans and boxes.

Another thing to have redundancy in is power sources. We have a solar oven and propane grill so if we can't use one to cook our food, we should be able to use the other. We like to offer items that can work from multiple or renewing power sources.

We read books regularly. We find it refreshing to read about how this great nation of ours was founded. We are saddened by how far it has changed from those great founding principles of freedom.

We enjoy teaching others the principles that we have learned whether it be in gardening, finance, government, or other principles of self-reliance. Drop us a line and let us help you improve yourself.

A portion of all the proceeds of our sales is donated to charity. We believe in giving back.



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