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Sun Ovens

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We want to help you become better prepared for whatever lies ahead for you. Each of us experiences times in our lives when things don't occur how we've planned. When we are prepared for these eventualities, it won't affect us as much as it could otherwise. We never know what is around the next bend in the road, but when we have prepared, we can face it with confidence.


We have had the priviledge of attending gardening classes by Dr. Gordon Wells, Jr. We have learned much and really appreciate the information we have obtained. Part of this information is knowing the right varieties to plant for our location. We found many of these varieties of seeds lacking as we looked in the local nurseries so we ordered more than we could use this year to make it easier for some of the rest of you to get these varieties. Please take a look at this .pdf file and then contact us to get them.

Multiple ways to prepare.

Financial: You should have an easily accessible reserve for unexpected expenses. It is recommended that the reserve be three to six months of your normal expenses. Then if you were ever to get injured or laid off and are unable to work for a time, you will have what you need to get by until you recover.

Emergency: You should have a 72-hour kit with items in it that your family could live off of for at least three days. Each person should have their own but some things could be shared among family members. These kits will help you get through short term emergencies.

Food Storage: Eat what you store and store what you eat. Otherwise, when faced with the necessity of living off your storage, you will find it unpalatable.



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